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As we prepare to leave behind the stories we wrote in 2014, I realise just how lucky I was to experience all that I have experienced in this year. Looking back, I see laughter, happiness, determination and real-life dreams. I was surrounded by amazing people that made me a better person, and a better artist, danced on incredible stages, choreographed some crazy shit, visited inspiring places and built memories that will last a lifetime.



The begining of the year brought me closer to those who became known as STAN Boyz, a team that has made me laugh, dance, enjoy life and give color to everything throughout the time spent together. We shared amazing concerts next to the most loving artist I have ever met, Alexandra STAN, in places like Turkey and Japan. She gave me the chance to color her stages and music videos, making us create together beautiful works of art.




I have met breathtaking new talents at Romanian Dance Camps where I hope we managed to inspire people through our performances and passion, and by the middle of the year, my “family” got bigger with the PRODANCE Project.

This year holds the materialization of one of my biggest dreams: Choreographer for PROTV and all that it holds. I had around me the biggest talents in the Romanian industry and we created unforgettable stages for The Voice and Romania’s got Talent! I was stunned by all the new voices and talents that our country has to offer and i’ve been blessed to see the grow day by day, making me even more determined and inspired to create bigger, better things.


This year I launched my first collection of tops “Prinde-te in Dansul Vietii”, which was a huge success around the youth in Romania.
I am grateful to all Romanians who believe in the strong message, this tops are wearing.
Mirela & Diana Leu, I am grateful!

For this and many more, Thank You 2014! You have been a true blessing. May we move forward every year, creating more and more works of art to the best of our possibilities and beyond.


-Emil Rengle-